Personal Training

Founders of Forza Soccer School, Lorenzo & Isaac, founded the program because young players generally are not given the constructive criticism and personalized path to improve their game and reach their goals. Instead of offering standardized, cookie-cutter, training programs, we implement position-specific training to guarantee improvement from the very first session. Each exercise we perform is created to mimic real game situations and build technical and mental ability.

Many players don't need to start from step 1 so we offer a:

to properly evaluate ability on the pitch and give you the greatest return possible on investment. Using our detail-oriented approach, we work side-by-side with you to evaluatetrain, and track results thereby guaranteeing improvement. 


A typical training session with Forza Soccer School:

  • Professional warm-up routine
  • Position-specific technical training
  • Position-specific fitness exercises
  • Drills that challenge players to build game IQ and quick decision making
  • Full personalized stretch and cool down routine
  • Summary and analysis of training session
  • Occasional "homework", including morning fitness routine and video analysis

"After 3 weeks of rigorous training Jasper was more fit, had better field awareness and definitely more confidence. Forza Soccer School is definitely the real deal."

- Adan, Father of Forza Soccer School Client, Oak Hill, VA